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  • Beanbag Filler

    If you do not know beans about beanbag filler (or even if you do), is here to help! We offer a choice of four fabulous fillers to get your bag back in shape. With our affordable prices and fine materials, you will be glad you refilled your beanbag!

    Virgin EPS Beads are the traditional small round beanbag pellets that have been around since the 60s, they average about 1/8 inch size and have a very nice smooth fell.

    Pure Beads* are a higher-quality version of the Virgin beads. They are larger and more durable, pure beads average about 1/4 inch in size.

    * Bead color on this product may vary between white and green. Please see pictures for colors.
    ** If you must have either white or green please call for availability.

    Recycled EPS Beads are comparable to their Pure and Virgin cousins, but are made from recycled foam materials.

    The EPS fillers (Pure, Virgin and Recycled) are sold in 3, 6 and 9 cubic foot bags. The 9 cubic foot bag should fill at least 1 adult size beanbag and probably two medium size bags, depending on how much filler you currently have in your beanbag. If you are trying to fill a small or child size beanbag the 3 or 6 cubic foot bags might be enough. To figure out how much filler you need, picture how many basketballs will fit in your bean bag. Each basketball is about 1 cubic foot.

    For more information on the four fillers and to decide which one best suits your needs, go to the section below and click on a link.
  • Foam Exercise Rollers

    Ready to work out? Before you do, use a therapeutic roller for muscular flexibility, dynamic strengthening and releasing areas of chronic pain. Made of Polyethylene foam, these lightweight, essential items will revolutionize your workouts!
  • Wine Bottle Shippers

    Raise a glass to our  super-sturdy wine bottle shippers!  These durable foam products are made of  Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) and will protect your precious cargo as it makes  its way across the miles.  Each shipper includes an EPS bottle-holder and an  outer corrugated box.  We currently sell a single bottle pack and a two bottle pack.  We hope to add larger packs in the future.  The shippers are designed to hold a 750 ml bottle.  There is no  minimum order for this product, you can order one pack at a time.  You?ll make a toast upon your drinks? safe  arrival!

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V770FS 4 pc. Replacement Foam Set V770FS 4 pc. Replacement Foam Set

V770FS 4 pc. Replacement Foam Set

Our Price: $49.50
Sale Price: $39.19
You save $10.31!
4 pc. Replacement Foam Set 4 pc. Replacement Foam Set

1745AirFS  4pc replacement Foam set

List Price: $147.00
Our Price: $109.56
You save $37.44!
Gallery 710 Gallery 710

Our Price: $3,505.00