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Wine Traveler 6PK

Wine Traveler 6PK

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Product Code: WINETVLR-6
The Traveler Series.

 The Traveler Series introduces the core of what our company has been doing for over 15 years which is making high level packaging to make sure that the products you transport reach their destination safe and secure.

We have taken our packaging expertise and incorporated it into Pelican cases to create a masterful product designed for endurance, protection and enjoyment. The Foamerica Wine Traveler WINETVLR-6 (Wine Traveler 6PK)This case is specifically designed to transport 6 750 ml bottles of wine or champagne.

Our patented cut-outs are uniquely designed to hold almost any 750 ml bottle in production today. There is a special compartment in the lid to safely store 3 different styles of bottle opener. This case is a must have for any wine aficionado, enthusiast or anyone who wants to take the worry out of transporting their wine or Champagne.

Our lay flat design makes sure that your corks stay moist while in resting or standard travel position. Why is this important? Wine should be kept horizontally to keep the cork moist and prevent it from shrinking. A shrunken cork allows air into the bottle, which may spoil the wine. Made up of a Closed Cell Polyethylene insert and combined with the Pelican Storm IM3100 case this is ready for the road, winery, boat and picnic or wherever you need your wine to travel safe and secure. Designed in a wheeled ultra durable case for easy transport, this case is great for winery trips, shipping, transporting in your car, boat, truck, on road, off road or whenever you think that your cargo may need extra protection.

Whether you need to carry wine next door, travel for the weekend, ship it across the country or the world. You be sure that your wine will travel safe.


TSA Lock
List Price: $21.00
TSA Lock
List Price: $21.00


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