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Foam Roller 6 X 12 inch 12 Pack

Foam Roller 6 X 12 inch 12 Pack

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Product Code: PT612-12PK

Why buy Multi-Packs? These Packs are designed to give you a better shipping price than buying them one at a time or as individuals.

The 12 Piece 6" Diameter pack includes the following: Quantity 12, 6" Diameter x 12" Foam Roller Our Foam Rollers are cylindrical in shape, lightweight and made of Polyethylene foam. Use the foam roller for myofascial release, muscular flexibility and dynamic strengthening. Foam roller exercises enhance balance reactions, body awareness, muscle re-education and core stability.

The PT612 Medium Density to firm, foam roller. This 6 inch Round 12 inch long Foam Roller will feel Medium but supportive to the touch and offer more support than most other foam rollers. We are sure that if you are looking for a firm, long lasting, durable, dependable and affordable foam roller then FOAMERICA PT612-12Pack is the Roller Pack for you. Although this item can be purchased by anyone, this pack is designed for fitness instructors and classroom settings as well as retail outlets.


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