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Gun Traveler Kimber1911

Gun Traveler Kimber1911

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Product Code: KIMBER1911-PE
Foamerica Gun Traveler Weapon Cases

Gun Traveler Kimber 1911

 When you are transporting weapons, they have to arrive intact and ready for action, no excuses. Pack them in a reusable Foamerica Traveler shipping case and they will, no questions asked.

 Foamerica weapon cases provide a weapon-specific fit for maximum protection and minimum volume. These cases are lightweight, shockproof, and watertight. Air is allowed to breath in and out of the case to relieve pressure but dust particles and water remain blocked due to Pelicans Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve.

 This is the ultimate single gun protective transport and storage case. This case is a standard Pelican 1400 plus a custom foam insert for a Kimber 1911, and room for one additional magazine on top. Additional accessories can be stored in a cavity beneath the weapon.


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